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Selling Guide


Selling Guide


0422 844 529

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

  • Educational Qualification and Achievements
  • Diploma of Information Technology in Business Analysis
  • Bachelor in Information Technology from Central
  • Queensland University
  • Real Estate Course
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Diploma of Mortgage Consultants



Tony’s career has been built on the back of a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing


About TONY

Tony is professional and passionate real estate agent and a Marketing Expert

Area of Specialisation

Tony and his team are passionate about Melbourne Region where our database of buyers is custom built to minimise our client’s time on the



Career Highlights

Website Designing and Marketing

Business Marketing

Mortgage Broker

Real Estate Sales



Tony has experience in multiple field such as Mortgage broker, Sales, Marketing management

and all this experience makes the real estate sales so much easier and better for his clients.


Diploma of Information Technology in Business Analysis

Bachelor in Information Technology from Central Queensland University

Diploma of Mortgage Consultants

Real Estate Agent Full Licence Course



Select the right agent with all required skills for selling your home to achieve the maximum price

Sign the listing with your selected agent



Agent prepares marketing campaign and advertising

Check advertising, photos, videos prepared by agent

Prepare your house for buyer inspections

Agent conducts buyer inspections

Receive feedbacks from your agent

Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction



Accept offer

Agent accept initial deposit

Agent sends contracts



Settlement period begins


Move out



Ensure your house is clean and tidy.

Think about hiring furniture or employing the talents of an interior designer. Your agent should

be able to help you here.

Make sure all doors work well (handles turn and lock smoothly, and doors don’t jam).

Open curtains to allow as much light in as possible.

Remove clutter.

Rub lavender oil into door-jambs to provide a

soothing clean smell.




Replace all cracked or broken glass.

Make sure all doors work well (handles turn and

lock smoothly, and doors don’t jam).

Remove leaves and sticks from gutter.

Replace broken fences or missing paling.

Mow the lawns and mulch where necessary


Try to be out of the house when buyers inspect as they will feel more comfortable.

Make sure the house is a comfortable temperature.

Brew some coffee before each inspection (freshly ground is best) the aroma creates pleasant associations for buyers.

Ensure your agent knows what makes your house a home – explain why it has that special “feel” for you, point out its highlights. This will help the photographer create advertising materials that really capture the feeling of the home.

If you are unable to do these things yourself, Tony is more than happy to provide a handyman at a discounted rate.

Help Me Help You


1. In order from 1 – 8 what is most important to you ?

  • Marketing
  • Fees
  • Open home
  • Internet exposure
  • Price
  • Your agent’s negotiating skills
  • Agency size
  • Photography

2. Approximately what amount do you think your home is worth?


Help Me Help You

1. What was the first thing that you noticed about your property?

2. Why did you like the position of the property?

3. In one sentence what best describes the property?

3. What have you enjoyed most about your home?

5. Who do you think is best suited to the property?


Thank you for inviting me to your home. I hold the responsibility of looking after what is normally my client’s greatest asset in the highest regard and continually work towards providing the ultimate real estate service. Although I am proud of the results I have achieved, my most important goal is to constantly exceed the benchmarks I have set in the real estate industry. With a business philosophy aimed squarely at customer service, innovative marketing and superior results I look forward to the opportunity of proving my commitment and “unbridled enthusiasm” to creating the best possible result for you.


Tony Jain